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Supportive Sailors Group

Well, welcome to this new group! This group is sort of SOS, but smaller so everyone involved will have more of a say in this Sailor Moon business. Here's a mini FAQ for you.

Why this group? Why can't I go to SOS and support that?

Well, you can do both. They got a mailing list, but nothing is going on with it. Anyway, it is best that a lot of support groups are in this besides SOS.

What happens when I join?>

You will automatically become involved in the projects. You will have a say in this.

What are the current projects? What projects will I be doing?

Well, SciFi network has anime on Saturdays at 9 AM. I was thinking we could at least try and get a few episodes on it that time. Hey, that's a start? SciFi and other networks will see the attention from this and maybe bring the rest back. Well, that's what I'm hoping for. My other project is to get a petion together and e-mail it to USA Network saying we want the rest of R. If we keep on getting the same response, then I'll keep on e-mailing them the petion until they get it. You will have an opportunity to make up projects for this group.

Will I be flooded with e-mails?

No really. You'll get a newsletter once a week, but that is really it. Or maybe when you submit an idea, or something like that.

I have more questions. How do I contact you?

E-mail me at!

How do I join?

Contact me at

Members, you'll be recieving an e-mail from me discussing our future plans. Please check your mailboxes!!!!!

As for the latest buzz, this group is just starting out. Please join if you want to save the sailors!!!!! Also, I e-mailed USA Network twice about Sailor Moon R in the states, but both times I couldn't get through. Each time I got the same e-mail saying itcouldn't get around to reading my e-mail. Got something tosay about this? Please e-mail me!