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Since I imagine that American fans would be reading this, the names from Sailor Moon are reused. The only Japanese names are the ones who never got English name (Yes, I know that Sailor Pluto might of gotten a name since the rest of R is playing in Canada. I just don't know her name) The music playing is the opening music to the Stars series.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

My source did not have enough info on Sailor Moon Super S to make a summary out of. But, I have found out that the Inner Scouts got their Super powers from Pegasus. The beginning of this series is the end of the bad guys from the last.

In Super S, the scouts don't get rid of the enemy. The first six episodes of Stars are about destroying the enemy. If you never seen Super S, please skip these first paragraphs.

Tomoe was with his daughter, Hotaru, when Setsuna came. Hotaru had a strange vision of Sailor Moon with wings. Sailor Moon was in deep trouble. Setsuna said she came to take Hotaru.

Baby Hotaru

Serena and her friends passed those tests (that was the only test Serena passed I bet), and Serena, Mina, Ami, and Lita were in Juuban High School. Rei still was at the same school because it was a private school. She has the same school uniform as before. Renie and Darien came up to them and Renie said she had to go back to the future (sound's familiar, doesn't it?). The beam was created with Renie's key. Neherenia, from Sailor Moon Super S, saw this beam and reconized the group. She was really upset. This weird voice came and influnced her to attack the Sailor Scouts. She used a mirror, shattering it. The pieces of it looked like shooting stars as they fell in the night sky. One piece hit Darien in the eye. The beam disappeared. Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus were fighting the pieces of glass, for the glass turned into moving glass monsters (sort of like that plastic material that looks like glass. Flexyglass? Plexyglass? I can't think of it!!!). Pluto comes with the baby scout, but when Pluto is fighting, a monster comes to kill Hotaru. Hotaru's forehead reveal's the symbol of Saturn, and the monster is destroyed. The Outer Scouts turned into the Super Scouts (the Inner Scouts turned into Supers last season). Hotaru grows to be four instantly. She has the same vision as before. The monster was defeated.

Because of the piece that hit his eye, Darien wasn't his usual self. He didn't pay attention to Serena at all. Meanwhile, Hotaru is awakened by Sailor Saturn, who tells her to remember what has happened in the past. She tells Hotaru that the time has come, and touches Hotaru on her forehead. The Saturn symbol appears on her head, and she remebers the events of Sailor Moon S. She grows to her real size. She tells the rest of the Outer Scouts that the princess is in danger. The pieces of a mirrior turn into monsters and the Sailor Scouts are joined by the Outers to fight. Sailor Saturn says they must combine their power and get it to Super Sailor Moon. They do, and Super Sailor Moon says, "Moon Eternal Make Up!".

Eternal Sailor Moon

She is transformed into Eternal Sailor Moon. She uses a new attack, but she says nothing. When the monsters are defeated, Eternal Sailor Moon collapes and turns back into Super Sailor Moon. Apparently, this is Sailor Moon's real power. Darien starts to collect mirrors (what kind of life does this guy have?!), and all he does is stare in them.

Darien is eventually captured by Neherenia. Renie starts to flash with light and little by little go away. If Darien and Serena don't get married in the future because of this event, then Renie doesn't exist. The Scouts then start their final battle against Neherenia. They split up in groups of two and go through illisions of different settings. Serena is put in a trance by Neherenia, and Jupiter defends her. Jupiter then gets captured. Jupiter's rose earing falls and Serena sees it. She recovers and finds herself at a stairway with thornbushes guarding the way down. The rest of the scouts are captured except for Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Saturn, who made it to Neherenia's palace. Sailor Saturn whirls her glaive, and then holds the point a mere inch from Neherenia's throat. Sailor Chibi Moon goes to Darien's side, and starts to become transparent. Meanwhile, people are being trapped in reflected things. Saturn is thrown away from a burst of power, and Chibi Moon fades away even more. Neherenia traps Saturn in a mirror, and Chibi Moon is fading in and out. Serena comes, and Neherenia says that when dawn comes, the Sailor Scouts and Darienwill be hers forever. Chibi Moon vanishes finally. A mirror comes and Chibi Neherenia appears. Neherenia ignores it and blasts Serena. She starts to strangle Serena, and tears roll down Serena's cheeks. Neherenia throws Serena; Serena tells Neherenia to free the others, for she is willing to risk herself for her friends. The Sailor Scouts become free and Darien is back to normal, not to mention Chibi Moon comes back. The Scouts concentrate their energy into Serena who turns into Eternal Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon tells Neherenia to change her ways because it wasn't to late. Neherenia cries and THE mirror breaks. Chibi Neherenia wakes up from a bad dream and someone sings her to sleep. Renie returned to the future. Even Artemis was sad because Diana had to go with Renie (Diana is the daughter of Luna and Artemis).

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The Three Lights: Seiya Kou, Yaten Kou, and Taiki Kou, came to Japan. They were a really popular band. Rei, Lita, Mina, and even Ami are fans of them. They asked Serena who she liked, she said Darien. Apparently, Darien was supposed to go to America to study. Serena is really broken because she feels everyone is leaving her. They are together in the airport, and Darien gives Serena a ring. They kiss, but the tender scene is destroyed when The Three Lights come through. Seiya senses something weird about Serena.

In space, there was a evil looking woman wearing a gold sailor costume (Galaxia). She says she needs star seeds to take over the galaxy. A light then hurls through Earth's sky and hits the airplane Darien is in. The plane disappears.

Sailor Galaxia

The Three Lights were filming something in the park. Their fans gathered and wanted to see, including Amy. Behind a tree, not far away, is a small, white-haired girl wearing a Chicago gangster-style pin stripe suit and sunglasses. Serena sneaks around where the Authorized Personel were allowed to go. She meets Seiya there, and he calls her "Odango" (Japanese for those meatballs of hers). She gets upset because Darien was supposed to call her that. Serena says she doesn't know who he was, and he says he wasn't as popular as he thought. It's weird because he takes that very seriously. The woman with the Chicago shirt attacked an actress there. She turned into Sailor Iron Mouse.

Sailor Iron Mouse

Sailor Moon comes, and all of a sudden three mysterious figures appear. They called themselves Sailor Starfighter (Seiya), Sailor Starhealer (Yaten), and Sailor Starmaker (Taiki). They say together they are the Sailor Star Lights.

Sailor Starfighter

Sailor Starhealer

Sailor Starmaker

And together they are known as the Star Lights

Serena keeps on writing to Darien about what is going on. She nevers does get a response from him. The Three Lights join Serena's school, and Serena isn't really pleased. She hates Seiya for calling her "Odango". Most episodes are like this: Iron Mouse comes to steal someone's star seed, but it allways turns black. Sailor Moon and the Starlights appear, and the Lights want to keep their distance from Sailor Moon. The star seed is not the right one, so it turns black. The person who had the star seed stolen turns into an evil Sailor Scout (Sailor Guts, Sailor Policeman, etc.). Sailor Moon turns it back to normal using her Starlight Honeymoon therapy kiss to turn the monster back to normal. Iron Mouse would escape in a phone booth and tell Galaxia that she found another victim. It just so happened that Iron Mouse failed one too many times. Galaxia kept calling Iron Mouse on telephones, but Iron Mouse didn't answer. She tried to escape, but the ringing of phones followed her. She finally answered; when she heard Galaxia she hung up. When Iron Mouse answered the phone, Galaxia came and took Iron Mouse's bracelets: taking them caused Iron Mouse's death. Iron Mouse quickly vanished.

Iron Mouse was quickly replaced by Sailor Aluminum Siren and Sailor Lead Crow. Galaxia had three star seeds from previous battles. She called for Lead Crow and Aluminum Siren. They said that 80% of the galaxy was taken over and in order to take over the rest, they had to find the star seeds on Earth. Meanwhile, when Serena was writing her 30th letter, a little girl comes flying down with an umbrella... The girls were talking about Galaxia. She came from outer space, and the girls were wondering whether or not they should trust the Star Lights. Setsuna said that there was a strange evil around the galaxy that took the glitter away from stars. She said not to trust the Star Lights. Then a little girl with two red heart-shaped meatballs (sort of like Serena's) came floating in with her umbrella. The umbrella. The umbrella blew away but Serena got it back. Luna and Serena were walking home when Luna noticed the little girl was following them. The girl only said Chibi.

Chibi Chibi

When Serena got home she tripped over the little girl. Her mother told her to be careful around her sister, Chibi Chibi. Luna and Serena were shocked. Later the girls were staring at Chibi Chibi when she was going clothes shopping with her "mother". They considered Chibi Chibi to be Renie's younger sister, but Setsuna came and said that was impossible. Serena and Darien only had one child. Chibi Chibi got lost, and Serena found her with Seiya. At the poilce station, mother was united with second daughter. Lead Crow decided the police cheif was the one with the star seed. Aluminum Siren was eating a rice cracker. They both got into a fight. Sailor Aluminum Siren got the star seed of the cheif, but it wasn't the one they were looking for. Sailor Moon and Sailor Pluto came to the scene. Sailor Moon asked who they were, and Sailor Aluminum Siren gave Sailor Moon her business card (^_^). Chibi Chibi was a really strange child because one day she went (by herself) toan old man's house to get snacks, and Serena followed. Chibi Chibi passed by an angry bull dog, but it became nice around Chibi Chibi. It almost bit Serena. Chibi Chibi crossed a road without getting hit, but Serena almost got ran over. When Sailor Moon was fighting the enemy, Chibi Chibi threw a vase and a fragile doll at Sailor Moon thinking it was really funny. Don't believe me about the doll and the vase? see the scene yourself. One time Siren saw the glitter of Sailor Moon's transformation. She thought it was the glitter of a star seed but then she went up, face to face, to Sailor Moon. Siren thinks Sailor Moon might have a star seed so she attacks her. Sailor Moon dropped her tier she used to change people back. Chibi Chibi came and took the eternal tier. She transformed into Sailor Chibi Chibi. When she did, everyone felt a warm feeling in their hearts. She came floating to Sailor Moon. They touched each other's hands, and Sailor Moon felt another power come into her. Sailor Chibi Chibi turned back into Chibi Chibi (all of those Chibi Chibi's!!!!!). Sailor Moon used her new attack, silver moon crystal power kiss, on the monster to change it back to human.

Sailor Chibi Chibi comes flying to Sailor Moon

Mina, Ami, Lita, and Rei were planning to go to a Three Lights concert one night, but Serena found out. She wished she could go but she had to have the tickets. At home, Chibi Chibi had a letter for Serena. The letter did not have any addresses on it at all. Inside there was a ticket to the concert and a letter. The letter was from Siren! Siren figured out Serena was Sailor Moon! Serena was very shocked, but she left to the airport anyway. People with tickets were supposed to fly in an airplane with the Three Lights. Serena asked the stewardess to cancel the flight, but she just pushed Serena on. Serena wanted to tell the Three Lights, but she couldn't let them know it was a trap, or the fact that she was Sailor Moon. At the place, the fans were watching a movie with the Three Lights in it. Three monsters strapped the Three Lights to their seats, as Siren was releasing sleeping gas to the fans. Siren appoarched Serena and called her Sailor Moon. She said that Serena had to give up her star seed in order for the Three Lights to live. Rei, Amy, Lita, and Mina came and attacked Sailor Stewardess. Serena couldn't do anything because she didn't want the Three Lights see her as Sailor Moon. Siren grabbed Serena's locket, but it was so powerful that Siren had to let go. Seiya ripped himself out of the seat and transformed into Starfighter. The other two transformed as the Sailor Stewardess came to attack them. Rei, Amy, Lita, and Mina saw everything and were shocked. Starhealer told the girls to escape, but they just transformed. Sailor Moon turned the sailors back into humans. Siren was outnumbered, so she left. She returned a really pissed Galaxia and made up an excuse. One of Galaxia's Scouts came and said Siren was lying. Galaxia immediately took Siren's bracelets, and Siren died. Tin Nyanko, another evil scout, and Lead Crow took her place.

Chibi Chibi was walking around and saw a pink butterfly. She followed it to a lake where there were more pink butterflies. She walked into the lake. She was walking on top of the surface! Althrough the time the Star Lights appeared, they were determined to find some princess. They don't say which princess, so it gets you wondering. The Three Lights smell a certain fragrance from Chibi Chibi and Serena, and the fragrance was the one of the princess. Chibi Chibi found a pink butterfly and chased it. She eventually sat down beside a tree and took out a censor. Yaten and Taiki were behind her and chased her, wanting to get the censor. The girls saw them and defended Chibi Chibi from them. The Three Lights were talking about the fragrance coming from Chibi Chibi when a pink butterfly came flying around them. Lead Crow was beating up the Sailor Scouts. She was too powerful for them. The Star Lights appeared. Sailor Moon had a star seed, and she gave it up. There was suddenly a blast and then a capsule from Crow's bracelets came crashing down. It broke, and it formed a black hole. Chibi Chibi, Serena, and Serena's star seed were sucked into it. The black hole blew up. The princess appeared, holding Serena in her arms. The Princess (whose name translated to English would be Princess Fireball) was talking about a holy war going on in the galaxy for a long time, known as the Sailor Wars. The Sailor Scouts (from all over the galaxy) had always fought off evil, but one Sailor Scout sealed the chaos, the cause of the evil. But the chaos reappeared (I guess since Queen Beryl broke out of Negaverse to destroy the Moon Kingdom so long ago). Galaxia wanted to collect star seeds to put the gallaxy in a state of chaos. The Starlights said that they could return to their planet to save it, but the Princess said they shouldn't. She said that they should stay and help fight off Galaxia. She said that they had to find a light ofhope to fight of Galaxia. The Princess and the Star Lights walked off.

Galaxia noticed Lead Crow's energy gone. She also noticed there was a lot of energy on Earth. She decided to do something about it.

Seiya reveals why he is a boy in regular form and a girl as a scout. He said that he needed to find a girl, so he became a boy to get the princess. He said the only reason why they had a band was to help find the princess. So, really they were girls to begin with. Lita, Ami, and Mina become Serena's bodyguards. They didn't leave Serena at all. They finally gave her a few minutes to herself. Serena went to the roof of the high school. Remember Tin Nyanko, that evil dude? Well, this guy did not vanish! She attacked Serena on the roof. Serena turned into Sailor Moon and hits her with her power. Tin Nyanko manages to get to safety, but she isn't really ok. Half of her is black, and the other white.

The group finds out Darien never made it to America. Serena is really disturbed by this. The Three Lights have their final concert. Tin Nyanko appeared and demanded to get the star seed. Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and the princess confronted her. Tin Nyanko got beat up bad when Sailor Moon showed up. She returned to Galaxia, and Galaxia took her bracelet. Galaxia came to the stage and started to throw blasts at the princess. The Princess had a force field, but she was no match to Galaxia's power. Galaxia got the princess' star seed. When the princess was dying, she said for the Star Lights to combine their powers. When Sailor Chibi Chibi held the princess' hand, the princess felt warmth. The princess died.

Galaxia made a statement on TV saying she was going to take over the planet. Sailor Mercury located Galaxia at a TV station. The Star Lights went after Galaxia. They said their duty was to the protect the princess, but they couldn't do that. They had nothing else to live for. They would seek revenge on Galaxia. When they got their, Galaxia trapped them and sent them to her dimension. The Outer Scouts go to the TV station, Ginga TV. Chibi Chibi gets really scared, and Serena holds her tight. Serena puts Chibi Chibi down and transforms along with the rest of the girls. They go to Ginga TV. There is a force field around so the Inners can't get in. The Outer Scouts managed to get in and saw what was happening from the TV Control Room. Sailor Mars and Jupiter held Sailor Moon from trying to break in because of the force field. Suddenly a glowing ball appears with Chibi Chibi in the middle of it. Galaxia had been attacking the Star Lights for a good time now, and she was about to finish them off when the glowing ball appeared and the Inner Scouts. Galaxia was going to strike the Star Lights, but the Inners minus Sailor Moon blocked the power. The Outers were watching it. The star seeds of Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus appeared. Uranus said the glitter of those four planets was fading. Galaxia took the star seeds. Galaxia shows Sailor Moon a gold star seed that was from Earth. Sailor Moon figures Darien was dead.

Galaxia said that everyone had star seeds, but the one's of Sailor Scouts would glitter forever. There is a flashback to when the airplane Darien was on. When the plane got hit by the light, it went into another dimension. Tuxedo Mask went to face Galaxia on one of the plane's wings. Galaxia stole his star seed. In other words, Tuxedo Mask is the Sailor Scout of Earth. As he was dying, he told Galaxia of the Sailor Scouts on Earth. Galaxia was going to blast Sailor Moon and Starfighter when there was a blast of light. Sailor Moon woke up from it and saw Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto. They were somewhere in Ginga TV. Sailor Uranus and Neptune were there too. Sailor Chibi Chibi was sleeping. The Star Lights were there also. Neptune and Uranus were going to face Galaxia. Saturn and Pluto ran off. Galaxia appeared and Uranus used her space sword, but Galaxia grabbed it and tossed Uranus. She blasted Uranus annd Neptune, but her next attempt was blocked by Saturn's silent wall. Chibi Chibi wakes up and goes to the Star Lights. She tries to say "Not left?". The Outer Scouts were battling Galaxia when she told them it was her who revived Neherenia, the enemy from Super S. She did that because she knew Saturn would come back so she could get the star seeds. Before killin the Outers, she offered an option. Galaxia said that they could have the bracelets she wore and live for eternality, even without their star seeds. Saturn and Pluto decided not to quickly. Uranus and Neptune decided to go along with it. They wanted to be together, eevn if it meant spending eternality in you know where. Galaxia blasted them, and got their star seeds. Then Sailor Galaxia put bracelets on them. They attacked Saturn and Pluto, and it took awhile for them to realize that Uranus and Neptune were fighting for real. Finally, Saturn and Pluto closed their eyes and took the hit of power. They got their star seeds taken, and eventually died. Uranus and Neptune were ordered by Galaxia to get Sailor Moon's star seed. Sailor Moon couldn't believe what she was seeing. Her old friends were suddenly evil Scouts in front of her. All of a sudden, Sailor Moon is in a dream like place and the Outer Scouts tell her it is an act to destroy the enemy. Darien and Renie appear in it also. Darien said the fighting was over. She returns to reality, finding out nothing changed, the fighting wasn't over. Uranus slapped Sailor Moon and called the Star Lights losers for not protecting their princess. Galaxia came back and asked Sailor Moon if she gave up hope. Being Sailor Moon, she didn't. The city, meanwhile, was getting very dark and was getting destroyed. Uranus and Neptune were going to get Sailor Moon's star seed, but their eyes, which hazy, became normal. They turned around and attacked Galaxia, hoping for her star seed to pop out. Nothing came out. Galaxia took their bracelets, and they fell, fading away. The Star Lights, Sailor Chibi Chibi, and Sailor Moon were the only Scouts left. Galaxia decided to take the star seeds herself, and she throws some power, but the Star Lights take the blast.

Sailor Moon was finally starting to give up. She wanted to see her friends. Starfighter came and talked her into continuing. The Star Lights say to Sailor Moon that when she gives up, the glitter of the planets and stars will be gone forever. Galaxia started blasting everything in sight, and Sailor Moon got up out of the rubble and said she was never going to give up. The Star Lights said Sailor Moon could be the legendary light of hope for the Sailor Scouts. Galaxia recalled the Sailor Wars when she heard that. Galaxia says that that legendary Scout was herself. Galaxia had to seal the chaos within herself. Galaxia blasted the Scouts again. Ginga TV started crumbling, and Chibi Chibi was going to fall. Sailor Moon got her in time. Galaxia kept on mentioning the fact that they couldn't escape, for there was nowhere to go. The Star Lights said they would never escape. The Star Lights powered up and attacked Galaxia. Galaxia mentioned the Star Lights abondoning their planet, which got the Lights pretty ticked. The more the Star Lights attacked, the stronger each attack became. Galaxia dropped down to the ground with blood dripping. She was injured. She got back at the Lights by sticking her sword into the ground. Sailor Moon kept on trying to talk Galaxia out of it, but it didn't work. Galaxia said she created the future of the galaxy and she should be treated like a god. Sailor Moon tried her power on her, but Galaxia quickly recovered. She blasted the Star Lights one last time, and Sailor Moon's star seed came out. The star seed was no match for Galaxia though. Sailor Moon's suit disappeared and theonly thing covering her body were the red ribbions of power.

There is a flashback yet again. Galaxia is thinking about what she did when she sealed chaos in her body. She knew then it would tak over her body. So she took her star seed and sent it to a place where she wouldn't find it. The flashback ends. Galaxia raised her sword to finish Sailor Moon, and Sailor Chibi Chibi starts praying.

Sailor Chibi Chibi starts praying

A light comes around Sailor Chibi Chibi. Galaxia becomes scared, for she fears of it to be the light that can defeat her. Sailor Moon's star seed returned to her. Chibi Chibi is in a pool of light. Galaxia wonders if it is the light of hope awakening.

The rest of the info occurs on episode #200, the last Sailor Moon episode

There are rings of light coming out of Chibi Chibi. There is a big blast, Sailor Chibi Chibi is the source. A girl with wings (grown up Chibi Chibi) came and started to talk to Sailor Moon. She said she was the glitter of Galaxia's star. A pink butterfly flew to Sailor Moon and she turned into Princess Serenity. The star seed turned into a sword similar to Galaxia's. Chibi Chibi said that Princess Serenity should defeat Galaxia. Princess Serenity grew wings out of her back. She floated, and Galaxia crashed to the ground. Sailor Galaxia's outfit turned into a black outfit. Galaxia grew black wings on her back and attacked with hersword, but Serenity blocked it. Galaxia said she had to put a end to the Sailor Wars by getting rid of the glitter of stars. From the momment she sealed chaos into her body, it started to take over it. She sent her star seed away and it found it's way to Sailor Moon. Chibi Chibi was that star seed. Chibi Chibi said it was too late to save Galaxia. Serenity stabbed Galaxia's wing. Galaxia shattered Serenity's sword. Chibi Chibi floated unconsious in front of Serenity. Serenity's star seed glowed even more than before and Serenity flied to Galaxia. Galaxia was overpowering Serenity. Serenity says that she thinks the piece of hope is in Galaxia's heart. All of a sudden, in an alternate dimension, Galaxia had long gold and red hair. She was in a field of flowers. Back to reality, Serenity keeps on saying she won't give up, she won't lose hope. She got close to Galaxia, and Galaxia's sword shatters. Serenity takes Galaxia's hand, and the chaos leaves Galaxia's body. She was turned into the real Galaxia. They are floating in the sky together. Serenity's glow lit up the galaxy. Galaxia freed the star seeds she collected. The Sailor Scouts appear around Serenity. (Look for that webring picture that has the scouts surrounding Sailor Moon) Two more star seeds appear. Darien comes with Chibi Chibi. She hugs him, and Chibi Chibi says in a babish way, "thank you". She vanishes. The angel of the princess whodied comes back to the Star Lights.

Later, the five girls, Luna, Artumus, Star Lights, and the princess are on a roof. The sun is setting. Seiya says something to Serena, but she misinterupts. The Star Lights and the princess go back to their home planet. Later, Serena asks Darien if he loves her. He says he does, and they kiss.

"I'm Tsukino Usagi, 16 years old, in first year of high school. I'm a little clumsy, and a little bit of a cry baby. But actually, I'm the fighter for love and justice, Sailor Moon,"

There are some group pictures, and then Serena and Darien kiss again.