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Sailor Moon S

The whole group is in their third year of junior high school. They all have big exams, which will determine whether or not they go to high school. Serena is still failing tests. She does study a little bit, but she rather be with Darien. While they are studying, Rei has a strange dream, about something bad happening to the Sailor Scouts.

Meanwhile, Professor Tomoe was working on these daimon eggs. He was looking ofr an item called the Holy Grail. To get it, he had to get the three tailsman from people with pure-hearts. The daimon eggs were supposed to steal the heart crystals, that had the tailsmen in them. He called for Kaolinite, someone he had teamed up with to fing the Grail. He explained the purpose of the daimon eggs. She disappeared afterward.

Kaolinite keeps on trying to get the tailsmen. The first time, two mysterious figures were introduced. Later on they introduced themselves as Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. The scouts met up with the outer scouts in their regular form, not knowing the secrets within. You get the idea that Sailor Uranus is Haruka, and Sailor Neptune is Michiru. The two women are in love. Haruka is so tomboyish, and Michiru is so girlish. So, it's like Haruka is the boyfriend, and Michiru is the girlfriend. Weird, huh? The professor keeps trying to get it, but each time the egg's work is interupted by the Inners, Uranus, and Neptune. In the end, it is discovered that the heart crystal does not have the tailsmen in it, so it is returned to the person.

As time passed, Sailor Uranus and Neptune did in a way become a little nicer. There was this one time when Sailor Uranus and Sailor Moon worked together to save Sailor Neptune. Haruka and Michiru think that it is important to make sacrifices in order to save the world because the one with the tailsman would have to die. They are really close, and think that Serena and her friends are cute.

Kaolinite eventually is killed by the Sailor Scouts, and she is replaces by the first of the Witches 5, Eudial. Eudial has a different way of getting the heart crystals. Eudial used a gun; when she shot at her victom, the crystal would appear. Each time, though, the tailsman did not appear.

Sailor Chibi Moon first appears now. She saws that she was sent by her mother to get training done. Sailor Chibi Moon has powers, but she doesn't know how to use them the right way. Each time she uses them, no damage is done to the monster. You know that Sailor Moon represents the Moon, well Sailor Chibi Moon represents the future Moon. Sailor Chibi Moon has Sailor Moon's old powers. She says, "Moon Prism Power!", just like Sailor Moon back in the first series. As for her regular identity, Serena and Renie still have their battles.

Soon the identies of the Sailor Scouts were revealed. Moon, Uranus, and Neptune got the shock of their lives. Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus had two of the three tailsman. Sailor PLuto came back and said she had the third. The orb on her staff was the third. The tailsman combined and the grail appeared. As soon as Sailor Moon touched it, she turned into Super Sailor Moon, and deflected the monster's attacks. Super Sailor Moon then turned back into Sailor Moon.

The professor's daughter, Hotaru, became friends with Renie. Hotaru died when her father was doing an experiment. A daimon came and said that he could save his daughter's life. The porfessor agreed and the professor used a daimon to steal Renie's heart crystal. When the heart crystal was planted into Hotaru's body, Hotaru turned into Mistress Nine. Tuxedo Mask came and took Renie away. Darien linked his energy to hers, and kept her alive. The Sailor Scouts came, but Mars, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter were stuck outside because of increasing numbers of daimon. Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus were in a helicopter, but it got attacked by daimons. They were about to fall out, but Sailor Pluto used her powers to freeze time. She said it was forbidden, but she did it anyway. Uranus and Neptune got in, and defeated the daimon inside of the professor when they were going to fight him. The professor became good, but the Outer Scouts were tied up to a statue. Mistress Nine said she needed one more thing to get the great Pharoh Ninety to distroy the Earth. Sailor Moon tried to get Hotaru back, but Mistress Nine tricked Sailor Moon in providing the nessary thing (I don't know what it is) that she could use to get her master. The professor came, and begged for his daughter to come back. Nine didn't care, but their was a part of her that did.

Sailor Saturn with Mistress Nine in the background

That part was Hotaru. Through all of that darkness, Hotaru survived. She forced Mistress Nine out of her body. Meanwhile, Pharoh Ninety came and was destroying things. He made a huge black tornado that sucked up the Inner Scouts. A ghost figure of Sailor Saturn visited Darien's apartment, and returned Renie's heart crystal, and said she was really sorry. Sailor Saturn appeared back at the scene and said she had the ability to fight Pharoh Ninety. She flew off to to the huge monster. Sailor Moon cried out Cosmic Moon Make Up, but nothing happened. She kept on crying it, until it worked. Super Sailor Moon appeared and went after Sailor Saturn. The tornado exploded as the Inners left it. Super Sailor Moon was spotted on top of a nearby building with an infant. That infant was Sailor Saturn.