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Sailor Moon R

Alan & Ann

There were two aliens that came from another world in search of energy to keep themselves alive. They landed in Toyko, Japan, and fitted into the life of the city. Their mission was survival. They had to get energy from the people of Earth, and give it to a tree they called the Doom Tree. This tree was supposed to provide the aliens energy to survive. Without the tree, they would die. They would use Cardians, monsters that came from Alan's card that would steal energy.

Ann fell in love with Darien, and Alan fell in love with Serena. Serena liked him in return, but when she got her memories back, she started to try to get Darien's memories back. The other scouts did, of course, get their memories back. The Sailor Scouts met up with the Moonlight Night, a man that looked exactly like Darien, but had totally different clothing. Sailor Moon discovered he was not Darien. She also discover she lost the Cresent Moon Wand when she defeated Queen Beryl. All she had left was her tiara.

The Imperium Crystal falls into Serena's locket.

One day Serena's friends had a picnic. At the picnic Alan and Ann were there, so was Mrs. Haruna, Molly and Melvin. Well, a Cardian attacked Molly, Melvin, and Mrs. Haruna. The Cardian was called Racy. When Ami, Rei, Lita, and Mina were captured by Racy, they were being sucked dry of their energy. Sailor Moon tries to save them, but she was unsuccessful. The Cardian pinned her to the ground, and Sailor Moon's powers began to vanish. She turned back into Serena. Racy floated up, and and threw a great amount of power. All of a sudden Serena was being sucked into the hole the beam created. Luna tried to save her, but both were sucked in. Serena and Luna met up with Queen Serenity. Queen Serenity put the Imperium Silver Crystal into Serena's locket, and the locket changed. Serena said the magic words to transform into Sailor Moon. She said, "Moon Crystal Power". When Sailor Moon got back, she got her newest weapon, the Moon Septre, and defeated Racy with it.

Sailor Moon's Sceptre

Most of the battles were the same. Darien did become nicer to Serena, but didn't remember anything. During the final fight, the Sailor Scouts went up against Alan and Ann. Serena and Darien were there, and when Serena turned into Sailor Moon, Darien started to remember. They both defended each other, while the other scouts watched in pain. Finally, the tree spoke, and then everybody learned about Alan and Ann's past. The Doom Tree was healed, and Alan & Ann went away. Darien remembered everything that happened to him in his past.

Black Moon

For Serena, life couldn't of been better. She had a super nice boyfriend, Darien, and he was so nice to her. They were on a date, though, when a child with pink hair that looked almost like Serena's came falling on them. The child demanded Serena to give her the Imperium Silver Crystal. Serena pretended so didn't know what the child was talking about, so the child flew up and disappeared. The child took residence in Serena's house. She was called Renie, and she had the power from her magical Luna Ball to trick the family intothinking she was a cousin. Serena though, was bit by Luna. Serena and Darien discussed the matter, but they couldn't figure out what was going on. Meanwhile, a new evil arrived. It composed of the Four Sisters, and their boss, Rubius. Rubius's master was Wiseman, who didn't have a big part. They came from the future searching for the little child who was supposed to have the crystal they wanted to take over this place called Crystal Tokyo. They find her, but Sailor Moon stops them from kidnapping her. They are also trying to capture these Crystal Points of Crystal Toyko. They send out their servants to do so, but Sailor Moon and the other scouts save it. Darien starts to have these visions of something going wrong with Serena. He gets this sudden impression that if he stays to close to Serena, something bad will happen to her. He breaks up with her, and Serena is really sad. She tries to find ways to get Darien back to her, but she is unsuccessful.

Four Sisters versus the Sailor Scouts

Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus get these new transformation tools and new communicators. With these items, they gain new powers, but in the first half of R Mercury uses hers once. The scouts discover some interesting facts about the pink-haired girl. She came from a place called Crystal Tokyo, and she was trying to save her mother. In the last battle, Reine discovers who the Sailor Scouts are.

The tools the other scouts use transform.

The scouts discover that the Four Sisters aren't bad, but they were under the rules of Rubius. The scouts get the Sisters back to their normal selves.* Rubius gets extremely upset. A new character appears, Esmeraude, saying that the Wiseman was very displeased. He said he was going to be replaced if he didn't get his act together. He was really steamed.

Renie didn't think Serena should be the one to hold the Silver Crystal. When Serena left her locket on her bed and left, Renie went in and stole it. Serena saw her excape through her window. Renie used the Time Key, a key that she possessed that could allow her to travel through time. Reine used it, but it didn't work. Rubius found her and the Sailor Scouts came to defend Renie. Rubius kidnapped the Sailor Scouts and said that if Sailor Moon ever wanted to see her friend, she would have to give Renie in. Tuxedo Mask and Serena came, and Serena was really upset at Renie. She said horrible things to Renie, and tried to slap Renie. Tuxedo Mask stopped her. Tuxedo Mask, Serena, Renie, and the two cats were at Darien's apartment. Luna and Artumis were trying to figure a way of saving the scouts.

Luna and Artimus think they could dress up as Renie to fool Rubius. Then, they decide they don't think it is a good idea.

Serena gets her locket back nd goes to save her friends. She leaves, and as soon as Renie hears this, she leaves also. Sailor Moon confronted the alien ship which had her friends inside. A beam strikes her, and she floats up to the ship. Renie goes with her, and Tuxedo Mask misses the beam and is left outside. Sailor Moon fights Rubius, even through high gravity, but she can't defeat him. Renie finds a way to free the scouts. When she did, the ship was starting to explode. The scouts got out okay, and Tuxedo Mask helped Sailor Moon and Renie get out of there. Rubius died on the exploding ship.

Esmeraude replaces Rubius. She has another way of capturing Crystal Toyko. She has to put in energy in various places to take over. Meanwhile, Serena has the same dream that Darien has. She sees herself at her wedding, and then she sees herself floating away. She tells Darien about it, and he decides the dreams must be true. He pushes Serena out of her apartment. After a while, Serena and Darien do get back together (Look in one of the Image Galleries for a picture of them together for the first time). Renie becomes seriously sick. The Sailor Scouts didn't know what to do. Suddenly Luna Ball turns into the image of the sixth Sailor Scout, Sailor Pluto. Sailor Pluto says that Reine is being attacked in her dreams. Sailor Pluto takes the group to the future.

Sailor Pluto

When the Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask get in the future, Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask see that it looks like the place in their dreams. They are confronted by a mysterious figure. Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask reconize the voice; it was the voice from their dreams. It introduced himself as King Endymion. Tuxedo Mask attacks it, but he goes flying through it. The figure was an image of King Endymion. He takes them to the Crystal Palace, the safest place in Crystal Toyko. The palace was being protected by a shield that the future Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus held up. The King explained the situation. The invasion, the King tells them, came right after the mysterious failure of the city's defenses. The queen herself is in a trance that nothing can wake her from, and only she could use the Empyrean Crystal of the future. Neo-Queen Serenity, in fact, is Serena's future self, just as King Endymion is Darian's. Renie is their future daughter, a revelation that shocks the Scouts and embarasses Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask horribly. Esmeraude was turned into a dragon by Wiseman, and Sailor Moon defeated it.

Crystal Tokyo before the big invasion

Prince Dimand, the leader of the Dark Moon, had his eye on Neo-Queen Serenity for a long time. He realizes that Sailor Moon is Neo-Queen Serenity, and then he kidnapps her. He tried to get her to love him, but a pretty ticked off Tuxedo Mask saves her. Renie can't bear the truth. She took the crystal because she wanted to be more graceful like her mother. When she held up the crystal, it disappeared. This painful memory really got to her, so she ran away from the safety of the Palace, and Wiseman captures her. He influences her that know one loves her. He makes her transform into Dark Lady, a grown up version of Renie. Meanwhile, the scouts returned to the present without Renie.

Dark Lady

Prince Dimand found out about Dark Lady and Esmeraude and traveled to the past. Dark Lady and Esmeraude followed him and killed him. Sailor Moon and the others thought it best to enter the evil world of Black Moon. There, Sailor Moon brought Renie back to her normal self. Sailor Moon used her crystal against Wiseman, but she didn't get much progress. Renie cried, and one of her tears turned into the Silver Crystal of the future. She raced to Sailor Moon's side, and both defeated Wiseman. Renie was returned to the future by Sailor Pluto, and everything went back to normal.

*This is when the American series ends. The rest of the summary info was gathered over the Web.

The Sailor Scout Items were from Birdie's Treasure Box