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Sailor Moon

The story begins on the Moon. The Moon was home to a great kingdom called the Moon Kingdom. Queen Serenity ruled this happy kingdom. She had a daughter, Princess Serena, who would be the future ruler of the Moon Kingdom. Princess Serena fell in love with a young man from Earth, Prince Darien. Well, no kingdom is perfect. Queen Beryl, from the Negaverse, broke free of her kingdom, and went into the Universe. She wanted to take over the Universe, and to do that she first had to take over the Moon. She did, and destroyed it. Queen Beryl went to kill the Princess, but Prince Darien saved her. He got Queen Beryl upset and she sent her most powerful monster on him. It sucked up the prince. Princess Serena ran to him, and got herself sucked up because she loved him. The monster threw power at the couple, and both fainted. Queen Serenity ran and saw the couple floating in the air lifelessly. She cried, and decided to use her most powerful weapon, the Imperium Silver Crystal. When she did, she became very weak.

Her two cat advisors where at her side when she said that she trapped everybody in the power in the crystal. She said that if she killed the evil, she would of killed Serena and the others. She said she had to send her daughter to a future on Earth, along with her court, and the two cat advisors. Serena and her court would forget everything that happened on the Moon. The cats, Luna and Artimus, where to forget everything too, but they would remember things as time passed. She used the power of the crystal one last time, and everybody was sent to Earth. All that was left was the kingdom, and the dead queen of it.

It just so happened that Queen Beryl was sent to the future to, and now she wanted energy from the people of Earth for their evil purpose. She assigned one of her commanders, Jednight, to do the job. Sailor Moon was found by Luna, the black cat. Sailor Moon was a crybaby girl called Serena. On her first mission, she met a man called Tuxedo Mask, who Sailor Moon developed a crush on. Sailor Moon used Moon Tiara Magic on all of Queen Beryl's bad guys. Ami was found to be Sailor Mercury, and used her Mercury Bubbles to create a fog and confuse the enemy.

Mars came in when Jedinight came and started to drain energy from visitors to her home, the Cherry Hill Temple. Her identity was Rei. Mars used her Mars Fire Ignite to help get rid of the monster sent out by Jedinight. Together they got Jedinight killed by Queen Beryl. Also, they got rid of the next commander, Neptlight.

Lita came into the story by being transfered to Serena's school. Serena and Lita became friends. Later that day, Luna found out she was Sailor Jupiter. Meanwhile, the Negaverse discovered a way to get the Imperium Silver Crystal, the tool used on the Moon. The next commander was named Zoisite, and this time this commander was a woman. She was assigned to the task. Apparently, the crystal broke into he seven Rainbow Crystals, and a shadow warrior was locked in each piece. The shadow warriors were used in the fight against the Moon Kingdom, but Queen Serenity trapped them in the white hot light of the crystal. Zoisite was to collect them by using a dark crystal. Zoisite was going to get the first, but Luna discovered that a girl named Lita was Sailor Jupiter. Jupiter used her Jupiter Thinder Smash on the monster. Sailor Moon was introduced to the Cresent Moon Wand, a tool to be used in the search for the Moon Princess. Sailor Moon said Moon Healing Activation to heal the monster to make it good.

When Zoisite went after the second crystal, a man named Darien discovered he was Tuxedo Mask. Darien always teased Serena, and Rei thought he was her boyfriend. He had dreams of this girl calling to him, begging him to get the Silver Crystal; he realized he was Tuxedo Mask by this. In the end, the Negaverse had five crystals, and Tuxedo Mask had two. Zoisite and her boyfriend, Malakite, made a plan to get the crystals from Tuxedo Mask. Malakite managed to trap the Sailor Scouts in a black dome that was shrinking, and Zoisite managed to stab Tuxedo Mask in the shoulder. When they were fighting, a strange beam hit Zoisite. She ooked up and saw what appeared to be another Sailor Scout. Tuxedo Mask and the new scout vanished. The dome was shrinking, and Tuxedo Mask was going to give up his crystals in order to save the Scouts. The new scout appeared again, and jumped down to help the scouts. She said she was Sailor Venus, and a white cat came and said he was her guardian, Artimus. She did her Venus Cresent Beam Smash on Malakite, and the dome disappeared. The two commanders vanished in disgust.

The Negaverse discovered who Tuxedo Mask was. Zoisite sent a message saying that she wanted to have a duel. The winner would get the crystals. On his way to the tower, he bumped into Serena. He was nice to her, and she new something was wrong. She followed Darien to the tower. Zoisite put them into a red bubble that went to the tower. The two in the tower discovered each other's identities. Zoisite stabbed Tuxedo Mask again, and Sailor Moon rushed to him. She let out a tear, which brought the rainbow crystals together. The Silver Crystal appeared, and it attached o the Cresent Moon Wand. The scouts appeared, and realized they were to late. Sailor Moon turned into the Moon Princess.

Zoisite was about to attack when Princess Serena said Cosmic Moon Power, and held up the wand. Zoisite was blown away, and was trembling. Darien woke up, but he was extremely weak. He said he was Prince Darien. Princess Serena retold her last memories on the Moon. When she was one, the both were out. Malakite came and got Darien. He left with Zoisite. The scouts were roaming the tower, which changed into a maze when Serena and Darien were together in their regular forms. Sailor Mercury used her computer and found a way out. Meanwhile, Queen Beryl was very upset with zoisite, and killed her. Malikite came to the tower and defeated each scout, except Sailor Moon, which he saved for last. Sailor Moon used her wand on him, and Malakite left.

Queen Beryl made Prince Darien evil. He went after Sailor Moon several times to get her crystal and wand. Finally, the scouts went to the Negaverse and defeated Malakite. They left, and then decided to go back. When they did, they were confronted by the Doom and Bloom Girls. The monsters got all of Sailor Moon's companions, and Sailor Moon was instantly put in a red ball that was taken to Queen Beryl. She next had to fight of Prince Darien, but she managed to changed him back to the good side. Queen Beryl went away. Sailor Moon found her way back to where she started. She saw Queen Beryl rise. The queen was huge. Sailor Moon defeated Queen Beryl, and all was fine. The Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask forgot everything that happened. They didn't remember fighting evil or anything.

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