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Just a Justice Girl's Webring

Hello! Welcome to the Just a Justice Girl's Webring! If you want to join, please see if your page fit the guidelines (dont't act scared like that!).

1.You must display some sort of page, link, picture, or something that has to do with Sailor Moon. You are not required to have a huge Sailor Moon area.

2.If you don't have a area totally devoted to Sailor Moon, then please make sure your site isn't bad. I guess you can say sites have to be at least "PG rated".

Think you got what it takes to join, then do it! Next, you have to fill out this form.

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Please choose a password. (Don't forget it!!)

Enter up to 20 keywords to describe your site.

Enter a short description of your site.

The next step to join is to copy this tag.

<TABLE BORDERCOLOR=navy BORDER=5> <TR> <TH><center><small>This <a href=>Just a Justice Girl's Webring</a> site is owned by <br><a href=mailto:your_address@this_spot>Your_Name_Here</a>. <br><br><br> <center><a href=><img src=></a> <br><br> <a href=" bin/webring?ring=champjust&id=id_right_here&next">Next</a> <a href=" bin/webring?ring=champjust&id=id_right_here&skip">Skip Next</a> <a href=" bin/webring?ring=champjust&id=id_right_here&prev">Previous Site</a> <a href=" bin/webring?ring=champjust&id=id_right_here&next5">Next Five</a> <a href=" bin/webring?ring=champjust&id=id_right_here&list">List Sites</a> <br><br> Want to join? Get the <a href=>info</a> </table>

It should look like this. Replace youraddress@thisspot with your e-mail address, YOUR_NAME_HERE with your name or nickname, and id_right_here with your id you were given when you joined.
This Just a Justice Girl's Webring site is owned by

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Want to join? Get the info

Sorry, but your not in the ring yet. You'll have to wait for me to put you in. But in the meanwhile, you can edit your site info here.

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