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Champion of Justice's Sailor Moon Site

Why don't I tell you a story. Once upon a time, there was something invented called the Internet. People would use many different tags to create web pages. It just so happened that some people created a tutorial on web design. A girl then went to the site with the tutorial, and learned a lot about HTMl, except for font size. When she first made her web page, by accident all the words came out big. She didn't know this because she had Internet Explorer 3.0. Now the girl knows about it, and she's fixing all her web pages. The end.

This site made a huge mistake in the past. I mixed Japanese names with the English ones, but I am fixing it. Enjoy yourself, and please sign the guestbook!!!

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What's going on with SOS? Well, there's a action mailing list you could join. Now you answer my question. Where can you sign the petition?

My Almost Complete Identity Table
Japanese NameEnglish NameWho are they as Sailors?Anything Else
UsagiSerenaSailor MoonPrincess Serenity (Serena), Neo-Queen Serenity
AmiAmySailor Mercruynone
ReiReiSailor Marsnone
MakoLitaSailor Jupiternone
MinakoMinaSailor VenusSailor V
Chibi UsaRenieSailor Chibi MoonDark Lady, Small Lady
SetsenanoneSailor Plutonone
MichirunoneSailor Neptunenone
HarakunoneSailor Uranusnone
HotarunoneSailor SaturnMistress Nine
SeiyanoneSailor Starfightermaybe she has another name from when she lived on her distant planet

My first award! Thanks apatt!

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Champ of Justice.

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