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SM Graphics

Working on your Sailor Moon page? Here are some graphics.

This Week's HTML Tip

If you have Explorer, than this tip is for you. It might work on Netscape, but I don't have it so I don't know. If you decide to use a background color instead of a background, you need to find a cool color. Try this: when you do the body bgcolor tag, type in the name of your favorite sailor scout. You may get a cool color on the screen.

The backgrounds:

If you want to see this background up on a page, hit back on your browser window. 42.8 KB

Sailor Chibi Chibi! 38.3 KB

For the Ultimate Moonie!

Don't forget that images make great backgrounds!

The Bars:

Looks bigger than it looks to you. The background of this image is black, so best used in a black background. 5.01 KB

All thoses moons! Transparent too, works in any background. 4.62 KB

The Cresent Moon Wand. This is a .bmp image, not transparent! Use your paint program (if you have Windows) to change the background color. 7.79 KB

The Smallest Collection of Icons

The smallest animated gif of Renie. 2.23 KB